Beeminding by brittany1243 in 2024


Hi everyone! I use Beeminder for health, work (math PhD), and household upkeep, as shown in my gallery. My first entry into this Beeminder journal is dedicated to several new or out-from-the-archives goals.

New goals


  • I created negative-chin-ups at a rate of 28/week. I want to consistently use the pull-up bar at my current residence, where I will only be through the end of the summer. I hope that this low-volume but frequent training will help me break out of my plateau of only being able to do 1-2 chin-ups at a time.
  • My husband and I created a shared goal of push-ups at a rate of 30/day to support each other in our fitness goals.


  • I created prolific-period for Toggl time at rate of 39:33/week. My goal is to recreate (in Toggl hours) an especially productive month I had earlier in the year, now that I’m done with my wedding and have a vast amount of unstructured time to be productive with. I expect this goal to challenge me quite a lot!
  • I created finish-priority-work to complement prolific-period. This is a Toggl time goal at a rate of 14:00/week for a project that is my highest priority and also which I have a bunch of negative emotions about. I also expect this rate to challenge me.
  • I brought my focusmate goal out of the archives to also complement prolific-period. The rate is 0.95/day.

Mental health

  • I brought self-compassion out of the archives at a rate of 3 minutes/day. This goal is a version of self-therapy in the form of reviewing or doing exercises from the book “Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself” by Kristin Neff. Minutes can also be spent reading/reviewing other books that support my mental health. During the two-month archive, self-compassion faded from being an active and automatic part of my thoughts to being pretty much non-existent. Hence bringing it back.

That’s a great use of shared goals! Just out of curiosity, do you both enter data - so if you only did 20 push-ups, your husband can bust out the last 10 that are needed? Or is it just for joint accountability?


Thanks! We both enter data. It is fun to collaborate. :smiley: