Beeminding by k1rsty

New Goals

I was bumbling through one of the many apps I have on my phone that chop up my health data and spit it back to me, and spotted a graph that said my “Active Energy from Workouts” had increased 5 years running but didn’t look like it was going to do the same this year, so I made a beeminder goal - stravakcal - to track that with the aim of at least not falling miles (metaphorically, actually megacalories I guess) behind last year. The aim of my stravatime goal was to up the time spent exercising a bit, but I guess a side effect has been not doing as strenuous things. I haven’t cycled as much this year so I think that’s the reason for the fall.

Also just while I’m here, a note that when creating this goal I discovered that Beeminder uses “calories” units when it means kilocalories which can be kind of confusing.

Other Comments

I added some breaks in for next weekend as I’m away, as before, my aim will be to keep the urgency load low so that my buffer is there for the break and not being used up beforehand. I’m loving my lock screen urgency widget made using @skorytnicki’s Custom Beeminder iOS widget methods.

Life is all getting a bit manic on me at the moment, but I feel like I’m keeping the essential things under control all the same.