Beeminding by k1rsty


instagram I thought I’d put a break in this one for the doldrums of winter but apparently not.

New Goals

eveningtidyup - for February’s new month resolution, so far (I started early) morning-Kirsty loves this goal and evening-Kirsty doesn’t actively hate it so that’s a win.


I’ve mostly been just nudging goals up and down regularly by small amounts as my ratechanges goal tells me to and that system is still working well after a year.

One big change was on my sage goal for updating the business accounts as several derails had left it way behind where it needed to be and I had a mad panic to get my VAT return in which was the kind of thing the goal was supposed to stop happening! So lots of buffer has been ratcheted away on that one!

And I want to leave a pointer here to some goal analysis ramblings I wrote recently too: Framing Beeminder goals as Pigouvian taxes - #5 by k1rsty