New Month's Resolutions

January Goal

(I copied this out of my index post as I realised it probably made more sense to give myself more space to meander. I plan to post some comments after the goals reach the end of the month as well.


A goal to write entries in my DayOne journal, set to need 50 new entries over the next five weeks. I have lots of things - mostly old memories - I keep meaning to write about but am suffering from the ‘blank notebook’ problem where I feel I have to write something perfect to start with rather than just getting going. Automated with a shortcut on iOS that posts how many entries are in that journal twice a day.

February Goal


For the last few years I’ve been doing a lot of my cleaning/tidying up tasks first thing in the morning in the time that was otherwise wasted. I’m now able to stay asleep until the time when I plan to work and getting up earlier to do chores by choice is no fun but neither is feeling like I ought to clean the kitchen or tidy my desk before getting to work. This goal is to try and change my habits so I leave things tidy in the evening. Set to 4/week over 5 weeks.