Beeminding by k1rsty

New Goals

  • stripycrochet start a new craft project → start a beeminder goal for it with a fairly low rate so it doesn’t get abandoned. Also feeds into my general craft goal.

  • donebytwo is March’s new month resolution goal and so far I’m struggling with it and think the idea is good but the goal formulation is probably not good.

Archived Goals

  • deadtreebooks I was miles ahead of the line and data entry was being too much hassle. My general books goal for 2024 is going well though and reading more paper books is definitely helping.


I wrote a blog post - The View From 5000 Miles - that started off being about hitting 5000 miles on my ebike but mostly ended up being about Beeminder. I ended up ramping up the goal again whilst writing the post.


New Goals

  • breathingspace is April’s new month resolution goal. A super simple commitment to stop and breathe a bit between waking up and picking up anything electronic. So far one side effect is falling asleep again (not really a problem except it leaves me wondering whether that should count or not).
  • the other new goal is a feeder for my workcode goal.

Archived Goals

  • none, but donebytwo was my March new month resolution goal and it will be archived shortly.


Life has got complicated again - we’re moving and decorating a new home now - and I’m trying to learn a lesson from getting burnt out last year whilst trying to do too much. So I’m putting breaks or slow downs in a lot of my non-essential goals to tell myself which things it is ok to not do at the moment.

Urgency load is way higher than I like it to be and is basically saying that I’m about to derail on a few things before the breaks kick in. The badge is orange because I’m fine with that really but just a bit annoyed I didn’t think about it early enough.


It’s been a busy month of moving house and three of the four new month’s resolution goals I’ve set up this year have derailed. I’ll talk about those over there at the end of the month.

I’ve also obviously archived something but I can’t figure out what; I think it was probably one of the goals that have been stagnant for a long time. I feel like I’m making these posts too far apart for them to be useful as record keeping, but also making them too often to have anything interesting to say in them. But I find them useful markers personally so I’m sticking with it for now all the same.


I’m actually very pleased with the breaks I put in and how low stress things feel at the moment as a result. And I’m still busy with stuff I can’t avoid so it’s not time to ramp things up again yet.



  • my pomodoro goal derailed; nothing bad I’d just lost momentum and buffer whilst moving house.
  • my instagram goal derailed; head scratching over this one probably coming later in this post

New Goals

  • new month’s resolution for May is a readinghour goal intended to stop my books goal derailing. so far it’s working as intended!


I went from having no thoughts about Beeminder in my last post to having all the thoughts. I’ve been thinking a lot of my goals aren’t very coherent for a while but not doing anything about it. I’ll spare you the all the thoughts I had but some major ones were:

  • maybe a lot of my goals are a Beemindery version of the sunk cost fallacy? I said I’d do this thing a long time ago and therefore I am still doing it, even though it long since stopped making sense to do so.
  • the way I had goals tagged as work/home/health etc was obvious but also meaningless
  • what the hell am I trying to do here anyway?

The train of thought ended up - more or less - with this chart:

  • My goals started to make sense as a whole when I put them into three categories

    • stuff I enjoy and want to do more of (even if it’s work)
    • stuff I don’t really want to do, admin basically, but don’t want to forget
    • stuff that somehow supports improving and getting better (the woolliest classification of the three)
  • But I could also split them into

    • long term goals that I want to keep doing maybe forever,
    • short term goals. These are supposed to finish someday and classifying them like this helps me see what has overstayed it’s usefulness.
  • Or there’s a third way

    • Some goals are there to remind me (with a sting!) to do things
    • Other goals were just tracking stuff, mostly because autodata makes it easy to do that.
    • (and then I don’t have a category name for the ones that aren’t really either of those)
  • And I really like the pattern where some of my goals make trees and several smaller, often short term, goals feed into a bigger, long term goal.

I did all that a couple of weeks ago and this morning I decided to go through and archive a lot of the goals I thought were just cruft in the system without looking back at the chart before I picked the goals. I’ve crossed those out on the chart (along with a couple I’d archived in the meantime). It was pretty much all the tracking goals that got culled. I don’t think these belong in Beeminder. I’m not holding myself to any commitment with them, just using Beeminder as a handy place to see progress. A lot of them were autodata - if they’d been manual data I’d have got bored with entering it long ago. I feel like I need a different system to keep tabs on some of these metrics but I don’t think Beeminder is the right place.

And now I feel like I have an idea what I’m actually trying to do with Beeminder and can expand again. Some things I might do soon:

  • add a couple of extra goals for reading that support the books goal (eg to read more non-fiction)
  • add some more goals to the improve category of goals to balance wanting to do a hundred different hobbies without feeling overwhelmed by all of them
  • figure out what a consolidated improve goal would look like

Ah this is such a lovely post!

Honestly, I’m now going to rush off and work out what the N x M matrix would be for my goals - or maybe L x M x N, with short/long duration, work/home/health, and admin/enjoyment/improvement, or something like that, as the axes. Then I’ll be looking at the empty cells in the matrix and going “hmm, what goal(s) do I need to create in here?”. Perhaps with a meta-goal to review, and prune or add periodically…

Love it!


Ditto what @clivemeister said! Very inspiring. I went off and started on my own chart (still WIP) after seeing @k1rsty’s!