beeminding distance measured by Fitbit (Surge)

Hey guys,

I’ve just bought a Fitbit Surge and of course I want to beemind that.

One of the metrics I’d like to beemind is the distance covered. Given that the Surge has a GPS, it does make sense to beemind distance and not only steps (for non-GPS devices, steps would be enough because the distance is usually estimated based on the number of steps).

Unfortunately, Beeminder integration does not support tracking distance (it is not in the dropdown list, which is still the same as in this post Beeminder and Fitbit).

So I went to IFTTT, but I did not like the Fitbit integration there. It does support sending distance covered to Beeminder. But the triggers are not convenient enough to feed my goal in Beeminder. It only triggers the recipe:

  1. when you achieve a certain Fitbit goal or

  2. for a daily activity summary that is triggered when the Fitbit tracker syncs for the first time during the day.

  3. is inconvenient because it would feed Beeminder maximum once a day, and if you do not achieve a Fitbit goal, it would not be triggered at all (and I’d still like to keep track of my progress even though on some days I did not achieve the goal).

  4. is inconvenient for the timing. It sends data to Beeminder once a day, the first time it syncs every day. So, best case scenario, it will send today’s data at 12:00am, and by that time I would have already derailed in Beeminder (in emergency days).

So, I wrote such a long message to ask if is there any chance to add distance covered to the Fitbit integration of Beeminder. Ideally, it would be just great to be able to apply some filters (e.g. only send the distance measured by GPS, or only count distance covered for activities where the average pace was below some threshold).