Beeminding planning

I was just talking about how to commit to a goal to do some planned larger-scale adventuring this year. I want to plan three adventures (two bike tours and a camping trip), but how can I Beemind sticking to that and making sure it happens. I could commit to the events themselves, but that runs a lot of the same problems talked about here. I’d like to make sure that the adventures happen, with sufficient time and planning to make them fun, and I don’t know ahead of time what that’s going to take.

So I think maybe this idea came from @malcolm, but I’ve started a beeminder for this:
I’m allowed to enter any fractional amount under 1 that it seems like the work I’ve done counts for, but I can’t enter the final amount (and actually get to “1”) until travel and accommodations are planned and paid for, and there’s one thing planned for each day of the trip.

I’m also going to use a tag for this in tagtime, and hopefully also do structured pomodoros of work on it so that I may also wind up with some data about how much time it takes, so perhaps in the future I can refine my beeminding of this particular thing with a more informed metric.



Yup! That’s what I do with my blog goal, and it works wonders.

It lets me keep the pressure on each day without actually getting
overwhelmed by stuff every day.

Blogging is one of my big wins with beeminder. I love blogging, but
without beeminder I have found it almost impossible to make time for with
everything else I’m doing. Beeminder ensures that without fail, I publish a
post every 10 days :slight_smile:

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I’ve since written a blog post a bit about my use of beeminder to help me blog:

I have once again found myself blogging right now because if I don’t, I owe beeminder money. I feel frustrated—I have only an hour or so left at this point and while I have many posts in progress and many others that I want to write, none of them will be ready in an hour. So instead here’s a brief rant on accountability.


(Fractional beeminding is also recapped in this delightful old blog post on bucketminding)