Beeminding pomodoros with clockwork tomato and tasker

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to ask if there is anybody who managed to set up clockwork tomato with tasker and beeminder. What I want to do is to automatically beemind finished pomos to my goal on beeminder. I should say that I am not very familiar with tasker and I just can´t figure it out. Any help appreciated!



Sorry for the late reply.

Are you still need an answer or you have figured this out.

I use clockwork pomodoro with tasker to make automatic beeminding of pomodoros.

Also I used the same Tasker code to automatic counting and commenting for the task in progress in Trello, inspired by:

If you still need any help, I can elaborate more.


@hayder78 I’m thinking of using a setup like this, would you mind laying it out?