Android + Google Calendar + Pomodoro Technique + Beeminder

anyone knows something which will count my time and save it to google calendar and works on android? i would also appreciate easy integration with beeminder

i am inspired by this comment:


Maybe this one?
(I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know if it’s any good.)


LOL, I cant download this app, because author restricted my country.
Could somebody provide .apk file?

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Do not think I will beemind this but I downloaded this app today and will add it to my personal workflow.

I’m impressed with Clockwork Tomato. It has Tasker integration so you could have it send completed pomodoros to Beeminder, and it records you whole history and lets you export it, so you could hack up a way to import that to Google Calendar. Actually there are probably plenty of ways to do that in realtime with Tasker+IFTTT, possibly using Beeminder as the glue (since the Beeminder IFTTT integration, which we’re about to officially launch, has both Triggers and Actions for “new datapoint added”.)

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Something new on the market?
Sorry to be archeologist.
Preferarbly free.

Could you suggest good tutorial for inyegtate iftt+tasker+beeminder?

Here’s an introduction to Beeminder+Tasker with the Beeminder Android app:

And here’s our intro to the IFTTT integration:

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Consider to look at Focus Timer Reborn. It is Pomodoro Timer for Android, it has also web part. NIce stats and log of your pomodoro history. And what is best - it is free.

You can look at or download it from


Nice! Good work!

How about intoducing connection to Google Calendar?

Will consider that.

This isn’t a direct answer to the original post’s question, and this is far from timely, but —

I’ve found that pomodoros are such a simple system that pomodoro apps are generally over-engineered (and usually opinionated in ways I disagree with), and that nothing beats the simplicity of using the timer on my phone’s native clock app, and logging a pomodoro through Beeminder’s Slack integration.

/bee pomodoros++ and voila!

Caveats: In my situation, I almost always have Slack open. (If I don’t, opening the iOS Beeminder app is fast and easy.) And in my role, I’m rarely able to keep to exact schedule, so a calendar integration wouldn’t work for me.

Here’s my pomodoro graph FWIW.


Good conlusions.

I tend to/insist on search/(ing) for app connected with Google Calendar, because it enables you to see ,whole" picture of your ,time" visually (and quite reliably due to almighty powers).

For example I also sync my sleep with SleepDroid.

I hope to quantify one day ,most" of precious time (sleep - work - play → from Pareto law) (or elimnate ,waste" that way).

Probaly it would be possible to estimate that all from Google/FB activity, but they don’t want to share with us :frowning:

That’s why I will probaly use +30 min goal at beeminder for my work (Pareto once again).


I am curious how pomodoro apps are opinionated in ways you disagree with