Beeminding social stuff?

Hi folks! It seems like every year we have one of these posts, but how are folks beeminding social stuff these days? What are the caveats? What works super well for you?

I never even clicked through on any of these before, but now I work from home 100%, I’m considering it!

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I keep this pretty general: I have a spend time with friends goal of four times a week, with each occasion being time spent with a distinct friend/group of friends (so this can be >1 in one day).

I’m a massive introvert so I really needed to create a goal that would help prevent isolation. But since I started dating a massive extrovert it has been much easier to meet this goal without much preparation or planning, and thankfully I have permission to opt out of joint social events when I need more time alone.


Hu, I don’t have any goal like this and no need (so far). Two things: I’m in a chat group with my best friends and it’s a very fun and active group with basically 0 noise.
Then some other friend and me meet like maybe once every two weeks and cook stuff together. But we’re also in a chat and talk daily.
And then I’m also a gamer and love playing co-op video games with my friends online. And while doing that we talk in voice chat about anything really. And it’s always super fun.

And that does the trick for me. I dunno. This has been working great for me for many years now. Can recommend!

I guess if you wanted you could turn that into beeminder-y goals. So for those who want some inspiration on this, maybe this helps :slight_smile:

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One goal that works well for me: ping my father and propose specific activity - trip, meeting etc.

We both like them but are really bad at ensuring that this kind of thing will happen.

Set to 0.5/day rate.

In last month resulted in multiple successful family activities that would likely not happen without that.


For a few important people, I have goals to make sure we are in touch on a semi-regular basis. (A few times a week for some, a few times a month for my mother, etc.) I have a Complice integration set up so data entry is painless.

I’ve also started using an app called Fabriq which I like for keeping tabs on that wider friend circle, though I haven’t totally succeed at keeping it updated… so maybe if I’m still interested in it in a month, I’ll beemind updating it.


I have a goal that tracks how many events that my wife and I go to. I keep the slope at 0 but it allows me to quickly see at a glance if it has been a long time since we have had a date night or went to an event.