Beeminding Task Creation from Obsidian

I’m trying to get over my reluctance to share scripts I create. The reluctance is basically twofold:

  • I’m usually sticking three esoteric things together and think no one else could possibly care about the same combo
  • I always think the code could be much better (e.g. whilst I am a programmer, my Javascript is very much “I found this on the internet and hacked it and it seems to work”).

And the counters to those are:

  • I find other people’s scripts a really helpful starting point even if I’m not trying to do exactly what they are doing
  • So share it and if anyone else cares enough to make it better then they can, otherwise, well (literally) no one cares I guess!

So here is a script I put together this morning that uses the QuickAdd plugin for Obsidian to create tasks within Obsidian and send datapoints for them over to a Beeminder goal. I use it as a pomodoro tracker that creates a datapoint when I start the task. I’ve also made it look for hashtags in the task name so it can update another Beeminder goal with the same name as the hashtag.

The instructions seem ludicrously long and complicated and I’m sure they could be better and the script more general purpose but I’m just talking myself out of sharing here aren’t I? Comments etc very welcome as long as you don’t put me off ever posting again!


Huzzah! Thanks a bunch, k1rsty!