Testing scripts

Continuing the discussion from Beeminding work-life balance; weekends:

I’m now planning to get back to work on this. But I’m not how best to test it out. Should I ask support for a special freebee goal just for this? Just use a regular goal and email support if it all goes wrong and I derail? Or is there enough demand to justify a completely separate sandbox API endpoint?

Also, if anybody can think of a better name than beeminder_dow I’d be very grateful.


Just bumped you up to 10 freebees! Delighted to help with test accounts or whatever other ways would make testing easiest. And of course if you cause accidental derailments that cost money, just reply to the legit check right away and we’ll void them.

As for better names, this is a hobby of mine. Some kind of punny portmanteau involving bees, minding, and/or holidays/weekends… beeweekly?

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