Beeminding time spent on a specific URL

Hi all
I am looking to beemind the time I spend on RemNote flash card section ( but dont want to beemind when i am on the website as a whole.
They have plans to have an api for the queue section in the future but in the meantime is there a way of automating time in a specific url?

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Update: Just looking into the beeminder tock option how would I set that up? I dont understand the instructions. :cold_sweat:
Also just looking into just using a timer but is there a beeminder ifttt/webhook option to trigger the timer option?


There are a few different answers to this problem!

Are you looking to spend more or less time on that URL?

Possibly the lowest effort option is RescueTime. It’s basically made for this–it watches what you’re doing on your computer and categorizes it, and can use URLs to categorize. To do this, you’d go sign up for RescueTime, set up a category for that URL, and then create a new Beeminder goal. Choose the RescueTime category, and set your time per day. I think you can even do all this with the free RescueTime account.

If you’d like to invent your own system for it, it’s definitely possible, but you want to figure out how the thing will know when you are on and off the website. On seems easy–once you load that URL, but what does “off” look like? RescueTime looks to see if the windows is visible and has focus and it suspects that you’re actually in front of your computer–so if you go to get some coffee, it tries to figure out that you’re no longer active and stop counting the time. (I wish it had a butt-in-chair detector!) You can recreate various parts of this in various ways, depending upon how much time you want to spend inventing it, and which parts are more or less important to you.



Hi Adam,
Thanks for your reply. I am looking to spend more time at the area but still use the rest of the site but not time when i am on other areas of the site. The queue url is where my anki-like flashcard quiz area is and i want to spend more time there in the future but still want to visit the rest of the remnote site to make the cards and for notetaking but dont want to time it.
I love RescueTime and have been using the free version of it to track my other goals but I haven’t found a way to narrow down the tracking url to add the /queue part.

Hmm, it might be a premium RescueTime only thing?


Ah yeah, appears you need premium and that is pretty expensive so I will have a go with an automation idea your thread has given me an idea for. :slight_smile:

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That shouldn’t be too hard to do - maybe with a scale or a sleep pad?

Or a thing on your computer that pings you in some way at random times and you have to acknowledge it immediately, otherwise a point is added to a do-less goal.

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