Beeminding vacation time?

Has anyone had goals related to taking time off of work? I’m interested in both do-more and do-less strategies. (I think maybe @shanaqui has done something around this?) Basically my therapist has recommended that I start working towards regularly taking time off from work, since now that I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and am now treating it, all I want to do is work since it’s been so hard to work in the past, which could be a recipe for burnout if I don’t moderate myself.


You can assume that you have a certain number of vacation days/hours that you want to take a year (e.g. 20). From there you can do a do more goal (e.g. take 1.5 days off a month).

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Also you can create a goal that says that you have to stop working at a certain time each day (e.g 7pm/19:00).

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Well haven’t done anything with vacation days yet, but I took the leap with a do-less goal for total hours:

The data is wrong for today (didn’t work more than 12 hours!). The goal is currently set with a rate equivalent to 45 hours / week. Nothing fancy–no autodialing, auto-ratcheting, or anything for the time being. I’m automatically logging data to it once nightly using

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I keep meaning to reply to this thread and then forgetting! Oof.

The do-less goal for my total hours was definitely a gamechanger for me. I log it via a flipped-over, non-cumulative Toggl goal: /clockoff. I also have goals to help me stop being so plugged into Slack (though @narthur and the other workerbees can all attest that I’m bad at sticking to it).

The other thing I did was try to think about why I over-work. In my case it was a fear of not earning enough, partially, so now I have an earnings goal that makes it really viscerally clear that I’m usually earning more than I need to cover my outgoings. Whether there’s a Beeminder solution for other motives for overwork, I don’t know, but it’d be worth thinking over.

I’m actually contemplating creating separate ‘work’ and ‘play’ profiles in my browser so that in the work one I can use Intention to curb the urge to look at Twitter or whatever, and then during “home” hours use it to curb the urge to look at work. :thinking: It’s worked well to reduce my ability to accidentally end up doomscrolling… so it might be worth using to restrict my access to our help software during my off-hours.