Beeminding hours and times

This is my second go-round on beeminder, and I want to get it right this time! Most of my goals are related to:

  • Hours spent on something (specifically on work, meditation, or browsing the web)
  • Time (specifically a couple sleep related goals)

I’ve read through all the threads on beeminding sleep and time spent doing stuff, but still don’t quite grasp what most people do for these goals. I don’t want to do anything even remotely complex, in order to make it easier to conceptualize and stick to multiple goals. So no deciding on a different bed time each day, no integration with Sleep as Android (or Rescuetime), etc.

Sometimes a weight loss goal is recommended:

“At one point I saw either a forum post or blog post from @dreev about hacking a weight loss goal to beeminder bedtime”

… and sometimes a do less goal:

@philip In this case, a do-less goal so that you need to keep your average time-of-going-to-bed below the road.

Weight loss seems close to what I’d want … just a simple tracking of average sleep/meditation/work/etc time. But people seem to use do less or do more goals more often. Anybody else have mostly time goals, and if so, how do you structure them?