Beeminding with kids and family

I love Beeminder, it’s helped me a lot. My teen has become interested as well because of my persistence with it and has signed up even though he doesn’t have a credit card. Is there a way we can do a family account?


This question makes me super happy. Our kids are pretty into Beeminder – – but I’m kind of predicting they’ll rebel as teenagers.

Anyway, does it possibly work to just add your own credit card for your kid’s account? I’m actually not sure if we enforce that being a different credit card than the one you use for your own account.

If that doesn’t work let’s talk more about what we hack together to make something like this work somehow!

I hadn’t really thought it through when he was asked to add a ccard. I may have even used a different ccard for his account vs mine. We agreed that if he was to derail (he’s derailed once on each his $0 beeminders and is now up to $5) that he’d transfer me the money from his personal account. We do this when he wants to buy things online. I’m not quite sure how it’ll work out though going forward. And I’m hoping he doesn’t derail now that it’s actually my money on the line.

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