How can I use Beeminder without a credit card?

Maybe my situation is too weird and it is likely not covered by what Beeminder offers.

But is it feasible to use Beeminder without a credit card? Obviously “link credit card” is going to fail. I tried to use Paypal, but on the attempt to link it I got also request to link the credit card.

From what I see prepaid account is not supported and it appears to not be a popular feature request

I have some money on Paypal, but maybe increasing how much I store there will allow me to use Paypal? Maybe I missed some way to prepaid?

I know that I can just get a credit card, but I am not sure that I want entire credit card negatives just for a beeminder.

I think you should be able to store money on Paypal and pay that way. You may need to email support.

This is just me brainstorming, but could you get a prepaid “credit card”? I don’t have any real experience with them, so there may be a snag I don’t know about.

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Do you have any idea how much cash should be parked on Paypal to make this option available?

I think I will do this if no reply appears here (I thought that it is a preferable way of contacting support).

I would need to open an account in one additional bank (and I already have in too many). All currently available for me has no such card or offer is unreasonable.

Re: the prepaid “credit card”, I meant something like this:

It’s accountless, and you pay up front for the card and the value. I believe it appears like a regular credit card to merchant. I don’t have any real experience with them, though. I know some people who use them online when buying things on sketchier corners of the internet.

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