"Below the Fold"

Please consider bringing back the below the fold feature. It was a big help and I’ve missed it the day it went away.

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Ah, check out “lost feature #2” at the bottom of https://blog.beeminder.com/redesign/:

Backburnering. This feature was confusing and even dangerous because it could leave beemergencies hidden from view. Also it was a very crude way to organize your goals. Now that we have (a rudimentary) way to tag goals and filter by tag, we decided it was safe to kill this feature. If you just want backburnering, tag those goals “backburner” and then append #!backburner to the URL when viewing your dashboard (and perhaps bookmark that version). Also you can now instantly delete things from your gallery of archived goals (another new feature we didn’t mention) which means you can use your archive for things you don’t care about but still want to keep around without being cluttered with things you really want totally gone.

So the hidden tags feature may be an adequate substitute for that. We’re anxious to hear if you think it is!