Best metric for soft skills?

What is the best way to measure progress on soft skills? What metrics did you try, and what were your results? Suggestions are welcome!

Example #1: Negotiation. (Curriculum: Stuart Diamond, Getting More.)

  • The straightforward approach is to keep a daily journal what techniques you used and how to improve. Point any blogging autodata integration at the journal.

  • In an ideal world, I’d record interactions with coworkers (e.g. “how can we reduce scope of this project”). Then I’d step through samples and think up better responses.

Example #2: Follow-through on daily goals.

  • Share of goals completed

  • Time spent goofing off before completion

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For fuzzy goals, I often use a belt-and-braces approach to monitor different aspects of the same real-world goal. e.g. one goal that measures how often I do something, another to measure how much (or how much time) of it I do.

I’ve set up my dailies script and goal to do exactly this, though it’s set up to copy forward the same set of tasks day after day.

I should try that! Too many late nights when there had been plenty of time during the day if I’d buckled down…

I’ve tried several variations of do-it-before-lunch goals that haven’t been long-term successful. Though using the concept of ‘lunch’ rather than a fixed time-of-day was useful.

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