Breaking things with a fake goal for API tinkering

So, I made a fake goal for tinkering with the API apitinkeringdomore, intended to never derail by requiring 1 unit per year, with an extra saftey buffer of 99999999999 days (or however many nines the field let me enter), and logging a datapoint with 999999 events.

It looks like that breaks things.

The Goal:

The Dashboard:

and the Gallery:

Note that the goal error is also displaying the character literals \n instead of newlines…

I would assume that what happened was the large number of safe days overflowed whatever datatype your parse the field into.


Beautiful bug report; thank you!

For prioritizing purposes, were you able to work around it ok for your api test goal? Easier way to get a goal with no risk of derailing is to dial the road to a rate of zero.

Sort of related:

Yep, support reset something or other, and the tinkering “goal” works as expected.

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