Breaks in API?

hi there. is it possible to schedule a break with the API? saw a bit in there for a ‘frozen’ state, not sure if that = a break or somehing else. thanks


Hi! Thanks for asking – interesting question. Breaks are rate changes (typically, for a Do More goal, a 0 rate for a certain time period), so I’m pretty sure you can set that with the API, though I don’t use the API myself.

A “frozen” goal is something else, and not a state you want to put your goals into, though. That’s usually reserved for errors, and the support team would typically try to resolve it and get your goal out of the frozen state.


I don’t think there’s an easy way to set breaks with the API unfortunately. Basically you have to send a modified graph matrix with the added break. Ideally the API would let you send a date range and a rate for that range but I don’t think that’s a thing currently.