Breaks page eating your changes on errors

Last week I tried to use the breaks page, using the preset feature [0]. A single goal had an end date that fell in the break. That resulted in an error (reasonably) that also cancelled all other edits (not quite so reasonable). If not a bug, that’s definitely unwanted behaviour.

[0] e.g.

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And another minor one. The preset start and end dates are only set for the first section of do-more goals and not for do-less goals.

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Uh oh. Unless we broke something recently, my experience as user-me is that it does schedule all the breaks except any for which there’s an error (like the goal’s end date falling inside the break). So there’s a Mystery here.

(And in any case it’s a bug that the UI doesn’t give clarity about this. We have a relevant internal gissue about this.)

PS: And thanks for the bug report about the do-less section too!