Bug: Garmin Connect multi-sport data is recorded twice

I recently recorded a multi-sport workout in Garmin Connect. The workout was a combination of running & cycling. Beeminder saw the running, cycling, and multi-sport workouts as separate entities and recorded twice the mileage as in reality. See screenshot below:

Seems like the correct behavior here is to ignore MULTI_SPORT workouts.


Ah, yeah. I just checked and I don’t see any kind of meta-data getting sent along with “MULTI_SPORT” activities that makes it possible to pick out which surrounding activities were part of the multi-sport extravaganza, so I guess the best thing is to just ignore them.

Thanks for the easy UVI :smile:

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For another easy #UVI, stop showing such an insane number of decimal places. 15 decimal places implies a precision on the order of a picometer, much smaller than a hydrogen atom. Not to mention it clutters up the UI. =)


Please allow me to link to my Feature request: allow me to define the number of decimals for each goal :slight_smile: