Help 2022 Resolution: Tracking Custom Sport Activity

There’s probably an easy way to do it, but I don’t know it.

I’d like to track statistics like time and distance for a custom sport activity, like parasurfing. I record the activity data through a Garmin watch. The watch allows creating custom activities and defining which data will be tracked.

But I can’t find a straightforward way to use that data in Beeminder. I can’t see how to sync time spent on parasurfing via Garmin Connect (Screenshot-20220101-195530 — ImgBB). And I find that Beeminder allows only synching some specific activities from Strava (2022-01-01-21-21-26 — ImgBB).

Any advice?

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My practical advice would be: Track as windsurfing (or something else obscure[1]) on Strava and use the integration to bring it to Beeminder. I think the restriction on which sports are trackable on Beeminder comes from the Strava side, not Beeminder.

  1. Once in a while I go aqua jogging and I think I track it as Stand-up paddling. Strava just doesn’t have all sports. My orienteering friends are very angry about that because they can’t get separate statistics for their orienteering and “normal” running. ↩︎


How I solved the problem: @howtodowtle is right. The limitation is on Strava, which constrains which activities (i.e., which sports) can be tracked. So, assign an unused sport to the activity that you want to track, and then your watch becomes a Beeminder tracker. Easy and effective!

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