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Help 2022 Resolution: Tracking Custom Sport Activity

There’s probably an easy way to do it, but I don’t know it.

I’d like to track statistics like time and distance for a custom sport activity, like parasurfing. I record the activity data through a Garmin watch. The watch allows creating custom activities and defining which data will be tracked.

But I can’t find a straightforward way to use that data in Beeminder. I can’t see how to sync time spent on parasurfing via Garmin Connect (Screenshot-20220101-195530 — ImgBB). And I find that Beeminder allows only synching some specific activities from Strava (2022-01-01-21-21-26 — ImgBB).

Any advice?

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My practical advice would be: Track as windsurfing (or something else obscure[1]) on Strava and use the integration to bring it to Beeminder. I think the restriction on which sports are trackable on Beeminder comes from the Strava side, not Beeminder.

  1. Once in a while I go aqua jogging and I think I track it as Stand-up paddling. Strava just doesn’t have all sports. My orienteering friends are very angry about that because they can’t get separate statistics for their orienteering and “normal” running. ↩︎

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