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Beeminder and Garmin Instinct/Connect

I have set up a goal to do 6 1-hr workouts per week. I selected the option that tracks by hours but I’m confused as to how this information gets pulled from my Instinct watch. Do I just start my watch at the beginning of a given activity (say, Strength or Cardio) and then do my hour-long workout, then stop the timer and then it automatically gets uploaded to Connect and then Beeminder by extension? Does Beeminder distinguish between activities or is it just lumping all of my workout time into one category that will satisfy the requirement? Sorry if these seem like silly questions, not much of a techie guy and very new to Beeminder. This is my first goal. Thanks!

Edit; Additionally, I have “hike” as a trackable activity on my watch and I track and save my hikes to Garmin Connect. I would like to create a separate goal to hike at least 2 miles twice per week and am wondering if I can log those hikes to my Beeminder goal automatically in the same way.


Yes, the total activity time is the cumulative total of all workouts (as well as MoveIQ events that are automatically detected by Garmin). You can see this in Reports->Total Activity Time in Garmin Connect. I have a Fenix but this probably applies to the Instinct as well.

To track hikes, I’d connect your Garmin to Strava, then setup a beeminder goal using the Strava integration where you can choose an activity type and duration/length etc.


Thanks! It does seem to be working. I simply use the “cardio” tracking setting for time no matter what workout I’m doing (strength etc) I haven’t tried Strava yet for the hiking thing but hoping to set that up next week.

Does anyone know if there is a possibility of Beeminder eventually allowing you to track the individual workouts? Just logging time like I am now has been enough to keep me accountable and on track but I would eventually like to become more nuanced with the way I track my workout routines.

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