Having one odometer goal per book… What to do when the book is finished?

Hi! There are a few books I’m reading concurrently and I want Beeminder to help me remember to read them. But after creating the goal, I’m not sure what I should do when I’m finished reading the book. Should I just anticipate getting to the end and start the archive process a bit early? Or is there some “finished” setting I’m missing? (I’m guessing not because that seems like a hacky way to get out of a goal…) How do others deal with this problem? Maybe I’ve made a problem for myself that doesn’t need to exist! Anyway, thanks!


Hi! When I do this, I set an end-total for the goal. The help docs have the info: How do I change my goal? - Beeminder Help

You’d need to do that probably when you start your goal, to be sure of doing it before you’re about to run into the end of the goal, though!

With my work hat on, thanks for mentioning you weren’t sure about this – it’s really useful to know!


Ah, I see! I thought there might be something like that, but I just never found that “Change goal date and goal value” button! Thanks for your help!