Burning my mouth

I burn my mouth way more often than I think is reasonable and it seems quite avoidable if I can figure out how. I think it’s a mouth cancer risk, which is no fun.

Tricky one though:

  • Though I do it way too much, it’s still very infrequent compared to most things
  • It’s very irregular
  • I’m not thinking about it when I do it (I think? but I do sometimes think “OK wouldn’t it be silly if I burned my mouth here, of course I’m not going to do THAT this time”, then burn my mouth)

Any advice for this one?


No kidding here: I just wrote that, went into the kitchen, put a hot roast potato (practice run for Christmas) not long out of the oven in my mouth. Almost did it again.

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first thing i can think of is to create a daily do more task that at first simply tracks awareness. (did i find myself in a situation today that could have burned my mouth? if yes, was i aware of that? if yes, +1 for the goal. if unaware, no +1 for the goal. if no situation arose, still +1 because you don’t want lack of possibility to detail you.)

then after a month or two when you have a habit of being conscious about it change it to +1 every time you avoided burning your mouth, instead of just being conscious of it.