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Cam's Beeminder Journal

Decided I should probably make one of these. I had a nightmare of a wrap up to the semester and was (non-legitly) derailing on all my goals so much that i archived and flat-lined a bunch of them. E-Ink dashboard and Button project are on hold since all my equipment is on the East Coast and I can’t get to it until September.

Currently entirely re-thinking how I use Beeminder, I think it’s better for me to use it for a bunch of non-negotiable things that need to happen no matter what, allow the pledges to rise a bit in proportion to their importance, and be very strict about derailment. I’d previously been mostly using beeminder to incentivize me to do important but non-essential things.

Had minimum pointrequirements that changed for a long time about how much I had to do everyday, but i’ve decided to radically change how I do this goal. I’m going to make a maximum 2 day buffer, and require just 1 point per day. If i even open up the app, I know I’ll do a good amount of review. The minimum point requirements have just been very stressful.

another binary did i do it or not goal. 3x week, exercise. I just started a no-equipment-needed workout routine that I need to maintain throughout the summer, even when I’m traveling. I made a schedule for myself and if i stick to it I won’t derail.

binary goal, trying to figure out how to structure this one. My skin is flaring up with the weather changes and i’m trying to be more consistent with skincare. Not sure if this will be useful as a goal, but it just now reminded me to wash my face before i go to bed.

other things i think i should beemind -

  • food tracking, currrently using chronometer (wish you had integration!)
  • talmud learning, i’m trying to finish a tractate by the time i leave for my trip early next month
  • basic needs that i tend to neglect when things get rough, i think beeminder can serve as a warning signal for that but i’m not sure how best to do that when much can’t be automated. (i need the damn buttons i didn’t have time to finish!)

check in next friday i suppose? maybe i’ll make a goal for that!