Camille's Beeminder Journal

Hello dear bees,

I’ve decided to start my own Beeminder journal to add more structure to my meta-minding.

You are welcome to comment! :slightly_smiling_face:

Goals that make me feel overwhelmed

  • morning_walk: 10am is too soon; moving to 11am
  • schedule_car (lessons): I scheduled lessons at 10am, which requires me to wake up at 8:30am :cry: so I’ll lessen the rate

Goals that are not working

  • write_dreams: happens too late so I actually forget my dreams; moving deadline to 12am
  • prepare_meds: happens too late; moving deadline to 11pm
  • sleepyhead: there should be auto-ratcheting so that I don’t accumulate too much sleep and go on a no-sleep streak
  • mh_video_driving_license: I should just have to OPEN the teaching video (micro-habit). upated description to reflect this

Goals with some problem

  • process_letter: there’s no letter anymore, so I’ll add +1.

My ideal day

(trying to draft up a good routine)

11pm: ready to go to bed
6:30am: wake up, and go to sleep again
10:45am: wake up and go for a walk
11:15am: back home, write dreams, prepare environment to start working on most important task of the day
12am: work on the most important task of the day EXCEPT when there’s family home, and I’m DRAGGED outside my room to eat