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Can I make a deadline 2 am instead of midnight?

I have a nightly prepare goal, in which I’ve set the deadline and reminders to be from 8pm to 2am. Does that means if I don’t complete it by 2am, which is technically the following day, then it’s a derailment? Because that’s what I want.

EDIT: I’m going to summarize the entire thread below this. Firstly, the answer to the above question is “yes, that’s how it works”.

Secondly, if one is a newbee and nervous about how goals work, you can start a goal with a $0 pledge, then later, if you want, you can increase the pledge to $5 at any time, if you feel like that would help you take the goal more seriously.

From now on, I’ll probably be starting most of my goals at $0, with extra buffer, and with ridiculously easy slopes because that gives me ample room and one cost-free derailment as I get to see how the goal integrates with my life, what the slope should be, etc.

Third, there are other safeguards in creating goals that you don’t like:

If you’ve changed the deadline time to 2am, then yes, that’s when you have to enter data by! Out of curiosity, was there some other way you were expecting that to work? It might be useful to understand what your hesitation was there/how else you thought it might work.

Note that your goal will still think it’s the previous day until after your deadline, so you need to be careful that you submit data with the date the goal is expecting. The default is to do it correctly, so mostly you don’t have to think about that, but you might notice the date is “wrong”.

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Just a general hesitation and anxiety due to unfamiliarity with the product. I could give an idea to solve this issue if it’s something others run into.

EDIT: The commitment anxiety issue is solved by starting a goal with a $0 pledge, then later increase the pledge to $5 at any time once you are happy with it. That eliminates the need for the enhancement suggestion below this line.

1. Goal Creation does everything as normal, except a goal is not “Activated” yet. It acts like any other goal, but goals are not charged for derailment until after they are “activated”..

2. Goals can be immediately “activated” manually by the user after they are created.

3. Goals are “activated” automatically after the first successful data entry is made.

The requirement of an activation stage is a beginner mode that can be turned off. In this manner, a newbee can create a goal and see how it looks and acts through one complete iteration before feeling the full weight of the financial commitment. It’s something of a compromise between current non-beemium where one is automatically committed to $5, and the beemium feature of a $0 commitment. It’s kind of like a $0 commitment until you interact with the goal. This might reduce the type of goal creation anxiety that newbees have from just being unsure of the schedule of what they are committing to..

Just some ideas for you!

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We already have that, basically! :slight_smile: In a few ways:

  • You can already start your goals off with a $0 pledge
  • Unless you weaselproof your goals, you can always delete them immediately in the first seven days
  • You can start with 7+ days of leeway, which would mean you can edit the upcoming segments of the graph anytime
  • And of course, if something goes wrong, as long as you reply to the legitimacy check within 24 hours, we can just cancel the charge for you – and this applies anytime, not just in a trial period

It seems odd that you mentioned being “automatically committed” to $5. All goals have the option to start at $0, no matter what. Here’s how this looks:

Did you think you couldn’t select that? Or did something go wrong, like an error message or something? Let’s dig into the confusion there!

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I did see that, so here’s what my thinking was.
I didn’t really want a $0 goal, I like getting “right into it” at a $5 level, or sometimes possibly even more (Beemium, I know!). But I’d like to set that up AFTER I’ve created the goal and see that it’s working as intended.

Ok so I now realize that my prior complicated implementation is basically the same thing as the following feature:

Ability to upgrade a $0 goal to a $5 goal at any time.

Is there a way to do this?

Beemium users can “short circuit” their pledge levels and jump up to higher pledge levels without derailing.

(You could also artificially create a derailment but that might mess with your road by inserting the respite—formerly “mercy”—time after the derailment so adventurers beware)

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Right, that’s what I’m saying. It makes sense to me for non-beemium users, perhaps the free users or lower level premium user, to be able to shortcut from $0 to $5. For the reasons expressed above. Free users can already start at $0 or $5, so that type of feature seems congruent with existing functionality.

I believe that this is exactly how it works: anyone can shortcut from $0 to $5. Compare the following two screenshots, the first from a goal of mine still at $0, and the second from a goal with a $5 pledge:

As can be seen from the second screenshot, I cannot shortcircut the goal from $5 to $10 as I don’t have Beemium. On the other hand, the shortcircut button is enabled in the first screenshot, meaning that I can bump it from $0 to $5 whenever I choose.


Oh right! of course! Thanks, @zzq. I’ve been Beemium for so long that I forgot that’s how the other levels work! :upside_down_face:

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Great! I just tested it out, and yes that’s how it works. So I’ve updated my top post summarizing all this info.

The commitment anxiety issue is solved by starting a goal with a $0 pledge, then later increase the pledge to $5 at any time once you are happy with it.

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