New goal using old data?


I just set a goal to get 6 hours of sleep every night, with data sent from my Fitbit.

The graph is looking at my old data and telling me that over the last two weeks I have become one hour behind that I have to make up! I tried setting the x-axis to tomorrow but it still shows that deficit. I don’t mind making a new goal, but how do I prevent this from happening again?




Hi! Without seeing the goal it’s hard to say, but my bet is that the problem is that you created a goal without any leeway, meaning a full six hours is due tomorrow (and then whatever you did sleep within this calendar day is counting toward that). If you don’t want the goal to start immediately, you’d need to start with with leeway.


Thanks! I think see what you’re saying. Here it is:

I was just trying to start fresh today. I don’t want any credit from the past two weeks. Can I get it to ignore them? Set all the data points to zero? Thanks again.

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It isn’t taking them into account. Although your y-axis starts at 170, none of it is counted toward your goal except the data dated for today.

If you deleted those datapoints, you’d derail instantly, over and over and over again, because you’d fall below the bright red line for the last deadline (which is technically before your goal started, but that doesn’t help in this situation).

In theory, you could do that and the support team could fix it up for you, but it’s not necessary – the past data isn’t being counted against your goal, because you’ve been started with 170 on the y axis (essentially making that your zero).

Does that help at all? Thanks for mentioning that you found it confusing; always useful to hear!

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Okay, it does help. I was just having trouble figuring out why I had 1 hour due Wednesday at midnight (rather than 6 or 0). But I guess that’s because I’m starting it Tuesday afternoon and it’s prorating? That’s the only thing I can think of. I’m sorry I’m having so much trouble!

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No, it’s not prorating. If you look at your data, you have data dated for today. That data is counted, because it’s dated for today.

If you want to remove that one, you won’t derail, and you’ll have exactly six hours due tomorrow. Perhaps that’d be better for you?

ETA: At least, I think that’ll work. Because it’s for today, it might still come back in.

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:woman_facepalming:t2: of course! That makes sense. I was just thinking of it from the moment I made the goal forward and forgot it would be looking at this calendar day. Thank you so much for your patience! I will definitely feel better with and even 6 hours due even though I know the amount due will be all raggedy immediately after that! :grin: