Can you track unmet deadlines on Todoist?

The integration with Todoist seems only to check whether you’re doing a minimum number of todos per week. But this doesn’t seem to account for how variable work can be. Some weeks, there aren’t 10 things I’ll need to complete. Other weeks, I’ll be in big trouble unless I finish 20.

Instead of tracking todos completed, I’d like to track deadlines missed. I would just set a maximum number of todos due today that are unfinished at midnight. It’s a little bit like–less fancy, but easier for me to stay on top of.

This comment seems to be the same ideas as what I’m looking for, but the github page is dead and I’m not sure I’d be able to implement it anyway.

seems to offer with I’m looking for, but the github page is dead.

It seems like this should be possible with Zapier, but I don’t see a trigger that seems right.

Thank you for the help!


I’m afraid there isn’t anything in the official integration that can do this, for sure. Maybe someone in the forum will have a bright idea, though!

Personally, I have a “todoistzero” goal, which (veterans to my goal-setting advice will know what’s coming) is a manual goal where I just add +1 per day if I did all my tasks on Todoist. I like to keep it dead simple!


You can do this by using the Todoist API.
Do you want to count overdue tasks at midnight? That might have the issue that you can always reschedule tasks to the next day. I still have a goal like that because it prevents overdue tasks from cluttering up the system. Here is some Python 3 code that I put together, in case it helps:
(Let me know if something does not work)

If you want something that emphasizes the pre-commitment aspect more, I would suggest the following: Set up a cron job for a script that runs once every night at 4am (or whenever you usually sleep). It records all task-IDs of the tasks that are due on this day. At the same time, it checks how many of the tasks from yesterday’s commitment were actually completed, or rather how many were not completed. (The todoist API lets you query those, too). That number is then sent to beeminder. The difference to the solution above is that the second thing makes sure that you cannot just keep postponing the tasks with impunity. I have code for that too, but it would be a bit more complicated to disentangle it from the other stuff, but i can do that if it helps.


Hi shanaqui! That’s a good tip–especially for someone who, like me, isn’t much of a programmer. I may have just gotten overexcited about integrations, but I can see why dead simple is good. Thanks!

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Thanks tomyum! This is a really cool way to handle it, especially with locking in the goals before the day starts! It looks like even I might be able to set it up (and learn something in the process). I’ll definitely use this is I find myself weaseling.

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