Todoist Do Less goal for overdue tasks?

Is there a way to connect to Todoist and make a goal to have 0 overdue tasks each day?

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Great idea! Sadly, at the moment, you can only count “completed tasks” from a Todoist category (label, project, etc). Still, it’s a good suggestion - you might add it to the list!

It wouldn’t be at all hard to code it up yourself, if you’re into that sort of thing. The Todoist API will give you a list of your active tasks, complete with due date (or you could I think filter by due date earlier than today). So then you’d just count them and post the result to your do-less goal.


Thanks, I didn’t know we had a feature request leaderboard!

I’m a bit scared of coding tbh. But I’d commission someone to do it for me. If it would only take an hour, I could pay someone $20.

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Well if it’s any use, I did add it to my collection of Python beeminder tools (no payment necessary, I was curious as to how easy it was!). They’re up on github at clivemeister/beeminder and you’d want the “” function.

You’ll need python installed, and the Todoist python libraries (with pip install todoist_api_python or your equivalent). Then make sure your beeminder and Todoist authorisation tokens are added to the beeminder.ini file, and you can do something like

py --goal myOverdueGoal

It’ll then add a datapoint to your beeminder ‘myOverdueGoal’ goal, with the count of your overdue goals on Todoist. You can see the goals themselves with the -v flag, or just test it out without updating the goal with the -t flag.


Okay thanks!! I will try to figure this out.

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is there a way to automatize the data point? maybe using some tool online to run the script on a cron?

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now that I think about it, I would like something that count both due and overdue goals. Sort of behaving like the inbox-zero goal, where you get the number of total mails/goals that you have that day, and then work at bringing that to 0. A Whittle Down type goal