Can't figure out how to create RescueTime goal

I clicked New Goal - RescueTime, and got a screen where you paste your API key, which I did. I then couldn’t figure out any way to actually make a goal from that. The other linked apps (e.g. gmailzero, draft, codeschool) all displayed a pledge that you could submit, but there didn’t seem to be anything to ‘do’ or pledge on the rescuetime screen.

Sorry for my newbeeness!

(Also, curiosity - why does the big white bar with ‘Beeminder Forum’ show on top of other things in the forum when I scroll? for example, on top of suggestions of similar previous topics?)


Hi Bangali,

I’ll walk you through the steps needed find the key.

When you go into the RescueTime dashboard, look at the top right of the screen and you’ll find a button that says Tools, right next to the bright green Add Time button. Click Tools, and it will bring up several other buttons. The one you want is “Integrations/API” which has the RescueTime plus sign with 4 arrows pointing diagonally. Click that, and below the top left of the screen you’ll find another button that says “API key management”, beside “API key documentation” and a bolded “Overview”.

After all that, you’ll find a list of titles for all the keys RescueTime uses. Scroll down until you find the one that says “data rights for Windows (or mac/linux) computer” and click that. You should see the key needed to integrate with Beeminder there.

Took me a bit of poking around to find it myself, but its actually not that difficult to find. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:



Thanks so much for answering wadusher, that did solve my problem! I already had a key, but it only showed the first four digits of it so copy-pasting that didn’t achieve anything :stuck_out_tongue: On making another by your instructions, it showed me the whole key. :slight_smile:


Holy cow, @bangali and @wadusher0, you are our favorite users of the day! I’m sure that’s thwarted many people since whenever RescueTime changed things to make the full key less obvious. We just added an error message so hopefully from now it won’t require a bunch of poking:

Now we need to implement actual oauth for RescueTime so no key pasting is required at all!

PS: Can we send either of you stickers? Send your address to if so – just our small token of gratitude for bug reports (and bug solutions/workarounds).

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