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Editing Rescuetime data source

Hi there, I have a goal pulling data from a custom Rescuetime category. I recently deleted that category because the setup wasn’t working for me, and now I want to edit the goal - which is in danger of derailing soon and thus charging me $ - in Beeminder. However, I can’t figure out a way to do it. I’ve scheduled an archive, but given that the custom Rescuetime data source no longer exists, I’m concerned I’m going to be charged multiple times before it’s archived. Is there anything I can do? My only thought is to manually input data to avoid derailing.


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Hi there! If you mean you want to change the data source, support can help you out with that if you email In fact, we can help with pretty much any of this, including archiving the goal if there’s just no way to make it work again. So go ahead and email and we can work something out! :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, did you know of that option at all, or did you assume support wouldn’t help, or…? It’d be useful to know if people don’t realise they can contact us, for instance.

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Thanks! Did not know of that option! Will make use of it.

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