Change data entry from manual to API


I am trying to change how my weight goal gets its data; I have been manually adding it but I now have a whitings account, so would like that for it to be linked with my goal and the data to be automatically entered. I went to the “terrifyingly advanced” settings section of the goal, and found the “data source” section, but whenever I change it, it doesn’t do anything? If I save a change this message appears “Apologies! This is an autodata goal (we fetch the data for you) and support for arbitrary deadlines is lagging. More info.” but it doesn’t seem to be related to what I want it to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I could always archive this goal and start a new one…

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Hi Daniel!

If you email support, we can make that change for you. You’ll have to authorise Beeminder to access your Withings data, so take the first steps on the Withings goal page, and then send us an email.

We should probably add a line of explanation to that data source setting entry. Thanks so much for expressing the confusion publicly — that’s how we find out what to improve.

PS: The API setting on the advanced page is for people who update their goals using a script or app rather than using the website. (That’s here Beeminder API if you’re technically minded.)

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Thank you!