Migrate to a New Autodata Source

I’ve been using Beeminder for over two years. A few of my goals have run that whole time. As a result, I’m starting to encounter cases where I did something manually because there was no suitable autodata, but now there is.

In those cases, is there a standard approach to connecting an old goal to a new autodata? I can infer from past discussions that there used to be some options to that effect in the advanced settings, but those have been removed. I would imagine because they created an enormous surface area for bugs and confusion.

Is this exclusively an email-support-for-help situation?

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It mostly is, yes, but I think this is worth having available in settings in the future! (And in some cases you can change the data source already, like for IFTTT and Zapier.)

In the meantime, anyone wanting to change data sources should email support@beeminder.com and we’ll sort you out. Don’t be shy about this – it’s valuable feedback for us and a good nudge for prioritizing getting this built in to goal settings.