Change inbox zero goal from read to all msgs

Hi there, I am new to beeminder and I wanted to create an inbox zero goal. I created one, and then modified it from number of read messages to number of messages (read or unread). But the starting point is still at 18 (read messages) while the current data point is at 81 (read and unread messages), which means I am way off the yellow brick road.

Is there anyway to correct this start value?

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hi @cdlans, you may try clicking “all data” and then edit the first datapoint. In this case the road will jump to where the initial point is. If it doesn’t allow for editing (I don’t remember if it lets you edit data on such a goal because I don’t have one active at this point), you should better write directly to, indicating your goal url, and I believe they can make the edit behind the scenes.


Hi @scarabaea, thank you for your reply. In fact I already deleted the first data point. After refreshing I have a new datapoint which reflects all the msgs, not just the read ones, but it didn’t change (the start of) the yellow brick road, so I am still way off.

Ok, I will contact support. Thanks!