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Road dial math not working

I have an “inbox zero” goal. My goal date is 2037-10-01. When I set goal value to 0, my messages per day changes to “-0.00”. When I click the x next to the goal value, and increase to 1 message per day, goal value changes to 5979.98 (expected value: some integer). When I decrease to 0 messages per day, the goal value changes to 0.98 (expected value: 0).

I was initially confused about what “goal date” means, and the default was far in the future. At one point, while changing the numbers, the date changed to a year around 65000 AD.

Since my goal is to bring my inbox down to zero, I’m not sure why the graph looks like this:

Someone replied to this message, and I responded, but since I edited the post, there’s no link to that thread from this post, and on the main forum page it says this post has zero replies.


It looks from the screenshot like we’re reading your current amount as 1 message… It’s difficult to say without being able to actually look at all the details of the goal, though! Are you comfortable posting the link here? If not, you can email us with a link at and we’ll take a look from there.

Though I think I might’ve sent you a message earlier and you’d deleted the goal in question, now that I think about it – your username looks familiar, anyway. In that case, we might not be able to dig into it very much, but we’d love to hear anything you remember about what was going wrong! Via email is the best way to do that, as it’s the easiest way for me to gather up and save feedback without being worried about duplications. :sweat_smile:

Hi! Yes, we emailed earlier today. I deleted the goal, started again, and everything is A-OK.

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