Changing rate on new goal deletes extra buffer

This morning I created a new goal with extra buffer, and then realized I set the rate incorrectly, so changed it. Doing so deleted all my initial buffer, so I had to delete the goal and re-create it.

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Actually, the problem appears as soon as I turn on Weekends Off, so the issue may not be changing the goal’s rate.

Also, it seems like the amount of extra buffer matters, as it kept happening with a goal where I had 5 days of extra buffer, but didn’t happen for another goal with ~30 days of extra buffer.


Belated update: we tried pretty hard to reproduce this and failed to! If anyone has steps to reproduce this we’d be grateful. Or maybe it came out in the wash with Yellow Brick Half-Plan (he says, wishfully)?

[note to selves: gissue#697]

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