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Chrome extension to set timer BEFORE tabbing in

I vaguely remember an amazing extension for chrome existing, but I can’t seem to google for it. If anyone knows the name, it would be extremely appreciated. At worst it sounds simpl-ish enough to code again…

It simply did the following: every time you tab into a site that’s in your blacklist, it shows you a countdown and you must wait before being allowed to view the tab. If you tab out and then in, again, the timer is shown before you can use that page.

This makes discord/reddit/twitter and so on accessible if necessary and if your less akratic part of the brain wants (which is useful in the case you’re looking up a weird error and a reddit thread about it pops up), but delays gratification, lessening your impulse to procrastinate and waste time.

Well there is:
Leechblock - My personal choice, lots of customisation from time blocks, time delay or directing me to another site instead. Can also prevent access to extensions and options to remove it if you feel that is the only way forward.
Freedom - Hassle-free website blocker with nice interface but limited in options
WasteNoTime - Has variety of options similar to Leechblock

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Leechblock is almost there! The issue is that I can tab back in with no delay. My sneaky instant-gratification-maximizer brain can just open up facebook, wait 30 seconds, and then keep the tab open. What I’d like is to be blocked again if I exit and enter the tab.

(Also looks like hitting F5 is allowed with no delay)

Ah yes. Just been looking through all the various chrome extensions I know of (Pause, Mindful Browsing, Delayed Gratification) but all seem to have delay but then upon refresh/returning to old tab it does not make you wait again. :disappointed:

Sorry for the necro. Have you tried Intention - Stop Mindless Browsing - Chrome Web Store?