Firefox extension to block websites?

Does anybody here use a firefox extension for blocking websites? What’s good?

One feature I’d like is to block certain parts of websites by URL path: for example, say google video still existed (I think it doesn’t but it’s a convenient example) and I’d like to block but still access

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I’ve used Block Site on Chrome, and it seems like they have a Firefox version, too. I’m not sure if it can do pattern-based blocking or not.

Here are a couple of Firefox extensions that say they allow blocking websites using regex:

Thanks, I’m assuming you haven’t tried those ones yourself.
When I get around to trying some I’ll try and remember to report back :slight_smile:

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I use LeechBlock and it’s great. Take note of the special syntax that lets you whitelist or block parts of a URL. For example, you can add to the blocked sites list but then exclude with the plus sign in front.

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I use LeechBlock also. It has some interesting options, like a delay for accessing websites (so e.g. YouTube is still accessible but has less instant gratification involved) as well as a grayscale option, which can make a website less attractive and less addictive.