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Cold Turkey (Blocker / Micromanager) vs. Focus

I’m currently evaluating Focus for Mac and am thinking of also evaluating Cold Turkey.

Please share your experience with either of these (or some other similar app that I missed), especially in combination with Beeminder. Focus has a scripting interface so that’s rather neat for integration purposes.

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I’ve had good experiences with Focus. The scripting stuff works great, and the developer is pretty responsive.

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Why not use RescueTime which already has a beeminder integration?

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RescuteTime doesn’t block stuff.

Rescuetime pro does:


Worth every dollar of the subscription :slight_smile:

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I tried both but prefer Cold Turkey. I forgot what was missing back when I tried Focus but Cold Turkey has been exactly what I’ve needed.

There is no scripting in Cold Turkey so I’m not sure how you’d use it with Beeminder.

I’m still missing something to help me avoid losing track of what I set out to do in a browsing session.

What are you trying to get out of a website blocker?

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I’m utterly in love with and I think @adamwolf and @justanotherjon use it too.

@adamwolf also noted that it’s introduced (or is about to introduce—I can’t recall) an API and he brought up the idea of something that would block certain websites until your beemergencies were cleared. Once I stood back up after the swoon, I wrote that down as something I could totally see doing in the future (but if someone were to do it first, I’d be very happy to freeload off of their script).


If anyone’s interested in doing this with Focus, I wrote this script a while back for myself. It’s been a while since I’ve used it, but if someone else wants to use it I’m happy to help them navigate setting it up.


Thanks everyone for your input! I just recently returned from my vacation and am slowly getting back on the productivity train. Working through this thread here is high up my todo list :slight_smile: