Combine reminder emails

I have many beeminder goals that require me to do something everyday, and I am often in the red. If I don’t get around to doing them until after work that’s almost a dozen emails in my inbox. Is there a way to combine them? Is this a feature request?

I don’t know…


There’s no account setting for this that I’m aware of. (And I just looked again, and didn’t see one.) This would be a lovely feature!

For this reason, I prefer in-app and Slack DM notifications. They still come through individually, but they’re much more easily dismissed* at a glance than email — psychologically, at least. Gmail shortcuts make it simple to dismiss all notifications, but that still takes about a dozen keystrokes and much more cognitive load than a couple of mouse clicks to clear a Slack unread notification. And I like the way the iOS Beeminder app badge keeps an up-to-date count of the day’s pending Beemergencies.

— Anyway, email notifications boo!

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That would be a useful option, but I would want the choice to leave it as is – sometimes I use the Beeminder emails in my inbox as a todo list.

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I used to have all my beeminder reminder emails get filtered to a specific label, so there would be a single unread number instead of 30 emails, which might accomplish what you want. (I eventually disabled emails reminders entirely in favor of sms reminders).

You might want to consider adjusting what time notifications start on some of your goals. If I probably won’t want to work on a goal until after work, I set it not to remind me until 7pm or so.

Cutting down on the number of notifications you get is nice because it makes the ones you do receive more meaningful.


That’s the chief tool for this situation. Stagger reminders throughout the day, and for a lot of goals that I’d naturally get done anyway, an evening reminder to ensure that I entered the data is sufficient.

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