I screwed up the domain name renewal for and it’s going to be a while till I get it back.

In the meantime I registered and @chrisbutler registered and I already had (thanks to Sergii Kalinchuk) so we’re working on getting the site deployed to all of those.

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UPDATE: is operational at

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Further update: I got back and everything is back to normal! Or possibly better than normal, as @chrisbutler deployed the new React-based version. Thanks, Chris!

Not sure about that, as I now get bugginess when trying to add the completed time for stuff that’s overdue but was done in time! (Haven’t tested any other scenario for that.)

Steps to reproduce: go to commitment, click edit, type a date into the “finish date” box, tab or click(? not sure which I did, so if one does not work to reproduce, try the other) into the box for the time, start typing. Screen goes blank.

ETA: can only be reproduced when those fields are blank. Once anything is in those boxes, it works.

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