New default deadlines: 5pm the next business day (or today if before noon)

Important change! This only applies if your URL doesn’t specify a deadline, which has more and more often been the case for me. I make a lot of off-the-cuff “I will” statements with no explicit due dates but where “today or tomorrow” is what typically makes the most sense.

Until now, no due date in the URL meant the due date would default to a week from now. I found that to be quite bad for me. Even though it’s easy to change (either by including a deadline in the URL or by editing the deadline in the UI) the path of least resistance was to let the one-week deadline stand, which always seemed fine when making the commitment. But what ended up happening is that by the time the deadline came around I’d lost the mental context and the task seemed daunting or just ugh-y and maybe I’d decide it wasn’t not so bad to be a bit late… I don’t know how typical I am but it’s been a real problem for me.

So the first thing to try was a much shorter default due date. 24 hours might be fine. But we’re first trying this more interesting/flexible idea:

If it’s before noon on a business day, set the deadline to 5pm today, otherwise set it to 5pm the following business day.

We call it next-close-of-business deadlines.

Opinions solicited!

And dispatched!