Beeminder Forum proposal for the Quantified Self conference


I just submitted this as a possible talk:

Tracking my personal reliability: I’ve made it a strict personal rule that every time I utter a statement starting with “I will” to someone, no matter how casually, I log the commitment, with a due date, and keep track of when I follow through. Using a highly over-engineered formula, I turn all that data into a single reliability metric. It’s roughly measuring the probability that any given “I will” statement I make will turn out to be true. But it also accounts for it being kinda true – when I do follow through but not by the deadline I specified.


I gave this talk yesterday and it seemed to be really well received! Multiple people said they had a kind of lightbulb moment from it, so that was nice to hear.

I have the slides in Keynote which I don’t think is very convenient but I think it’s worth turning what I said into a blog post so I’ll do that. And the QS conference should have video of the talk eventually so I’ll commit to blogging it within a couple days of that.


Commitment not done? :stuck_out_tongue:


Note the conditional deadline!


LOL I thought it was “a couple of days” after your post. My bad.