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Unlike with Beeminder we’ve prudently made open source from the start. Would you like to help us improve it? The instructions in the README for setting up a development environment are nice and clear and thorough, I think:

Anyone will-ing (see what I did there?) to run through the instructions and see if they work for you?

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I got it to work. On Ubuntu the instruction to sudo -u postgres /usr/lib/postgresql/10/bin/pg_ctl -D /var/lib/postgresql/10/main -l logfile didn’t work for me (even after replacing the number 10 with the version I actually have). I suspect you’re supposed to put an actual file path in place of logfile but it has to be somewhere that the postgres user has permissions, and I’m not sure where such a place might be. In any case, doing sudo service postgres start worked.

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Thanks @byorgey! Can anyone confirm that sudo service postgres start works on macs too?

I highly doubt it. Worth trying I guess.

If you install via brew, on a mac you can do something like:

brew services restart postgresql
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