"Could not schedule that break"?


I just made a new goal and wanted to schedule a break for this weekend. However I keep getting a “Could not schedule that break” message. I can schedule one for next weekend, why not for this weekend?


Hi @goldlybo! And welcome. What’s happening is that you’re trying to schedule a break within the akrasia horizon: sooner than seven days from now. Beeminder is designed so that you can’t make changes that go into effect any sooner than that. The idea is to keep current-you from torpedoing things you want future-you to have accomplished.

For an initial primer on akrasia and what it means to Beeminder, you could start here: http://blog.beeminder.com/akrasia/.


Hello and welcome back!

It definitely by design that you can’t make changes within the next week, and one of the core ideas behind Beeminder. @grayson put it really well.

Having said that, exceptions do happen. Email support@beeminder.com with a good rationale and many things are possible. In this case, I’ve already taken the liberty of adding this weekend’s flat spot for you.

PS: If you get tired of scheduling these by hand, Bee Plus subscribers can tick the ‘weekends off’ box and, for reasons, that works for this coming weekend even if you tick the box on a Friday.

PPS: by which I’m not trying to sell you an upgrade, just leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for future searchers who might already be on the plan but unaware of all the features…


Thanks @grayson and @philip! That makes sense, guess I should have RTFM :slight_smile:

@philip: Thanks also for scheduling the weekend break. I’m going to try out beeminder for a bit before committing to the Plus upgrade.