Feature request: Weekends, public holidays, sickness


It has been discussed here before that taking a break on all weekends is quite difficult in beeminder. Solutions that were posted involved running some scripts, which I am not really into for beeminder.

Another suggestion was: To make sure to be in the green by Friday, so I can take a break on the weekend. As another user adequately remarked (similarly): I wouldn’t need beeminder if beating acrasia and planning ahead for longer term goals was easy for me. :slight_smile:

Devs, is there an automated weekend feature planned?

I would also like to add that automatic flat spots on public holidays would be a nice thing (maybe for the main countries your users are from).


Very much so! We’ve been suuuuper slow because doing it right touches so many things behind the scenes (like a proper road editor) but we’ve just decided that we’re going to stop waiting for that and hack something together shorter term since people really desperately need this yesterday.


Yeah we need it like yesterday, but we have done that for a loooong time :smile_cat: please don’t make a hack if it makes it more complicated to use.


Great to hear, thank you!

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